Confidentiality and Security


I appreciate wholeheartedly the importance of maintaining confidentiality with regards to all aspects of the work I do for you. This includes ensuring the security of audio/video files, transcripts, the content of any copy you share with me for proofreading, editing, etc., as well as information you may divulge about your project(s).

You can therefore be assured of my attention and commitment to this at all times.

In terms of the practical aspects of maintaining confidentiality and security, I employ the following procedures:

I use a privately hosted file-sharing system - ownCloud - with all data stored on an encrypted disk which is entirely under the control of Sound Words.

As well as offering secure storage, ownCloud allows you to upload material and retrieve the finished work in a secure manner.  An added benefit is that ownCloud has the facility to allow real-time online collaboration on documents.

For projects requiring further security, regarding intellectual property or original research for instance, I am more than happy to sign an NDA or any associated document.

I hold a current DBS certificate.

Marian Cleary

Sound Words