Editing, proofreading, writing copy is always something Marian has done in all her working roles since leaving university, where, having learned to type in the shadow of York Minster to avoid doing bar work, she ended up working for a pub-owining company anyway, but in the office.  The following years saw her work as a civil servant, a secondary-school teacher and as a journalist, writing and sub-editing for a variety of print and online publications.

She began doing transcription work for a local university while on a career break after having her second child and picked it up again in 2008, initially as a stop-gap between jobs.  Within a year, however, job searching had been put on the back burner because, finding working from home amazing, being self-employed liberating, and enjoying the work and the people she did it for immensely, she made Sound Words a real thing and has never looked back.

As well as having a range of clients from all walks of life, sizes of business and with a variety of requirements, she also contracts for a global legal services company producing and proofreading transcripts for public bodies, courts and tribunals.

While Sounds Words is ostensibly Marian, if needs be she works with a pool of talented colleagues who all help each other out on contracts and projects in order to deliver work in a timely manner.  So really no job or contract is too small, but also it is not too big and can be resourced effectively.

Get in touch to find out if Sound Words can help you achieve your goals. 

Marian holds a BA (Hons) from the University of York and postgraduate qualifications from both Sussex and York universities.  She is NCTJ qualified (Magazine Journalism) with a distinction in sub-editing.