Transcription Rates

Rates start at 90p per audio minute for:

  • one-to-one interviews
  • small groups/meetings (up to three participants)
  • larger groups/meetings/events (more than three participants) with no speaker tracking (i.e. Interviewer/Respondent speaker labels)


Add 5p per audio minute for:

  • Time stamps


Add 10p per audio minute for:

  • Large groups (more than three participants) where speaker tracking is require
  • For full verbatim - every mm hmm, uh huh, er and erm
  • Poor audio - but get in touch because it may not be as bad as you think!


It's as simple as that, and no VAT to pay either

And so you can budget and for your peace of mind, there are no up-front costs/pre-payments (invoices are sent monthly for work completed)