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  1. ESG – what does it stand for?

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    Well, obviously Environmental, Social and Governance.  But what does it really stand for?  In the broadest sense 'ethics' might be the closest meaning – as in really meaning something – and a company's ethics is becoming more and more important both to the people working in that organisation but also to its clients, customers and consumers.

    Transcription is a notriously underpaid trade despite the skill people need to be able to perform the job with accuracy – yet speed – and faithfulness to the words spoken – yet making what the transcript says intelligible.

    Many transcription companies don't value their transcribers appropriately. Obviously they value them as a resource but the value they set on their work, as in the pay they give them, does not accurately reflect what is involved, and increasinly what would amount to a fair wage.  A company may charge you, the customer, £1.20 plus VAT per audio minute but only give 60p to the person who did the work.

    In an age of digital simplicity, the job of transferring files, assuring quality and getting the job done does not need the person in the middle.  If you want to increase your ESG standing with your colleagues, clients and customers, consider going direct to an independent transcriber and let people know about it, write it into your methdology, incorporate it into your project planning.

    If ESG is to really mean something, then little steps like this can make a huge difference to your organisation or business, but also for those working to help you to get your job done.

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